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Cryptocurrency: What is coin burning and why it should be a part of every investors calculus?

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has burned 410 trillion Shiba Inu tokens. Token burning is a useful part of core tokenomics which many of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies will employ. From controlling the baseline value of the currency https://www.xcritical.com/blog/what-does-burning-crypto-mean-cryptocurrency-burning-definition/ to helping with managing the wider economy, there are many reasons why a company would decide to burn their currency. For example, let’s take a theoretical cryptocurrency that has a flat 1 billion tokens. If the developers give themselves 150 million tokens, they hold 15% of the total share.

what does it mean to burn cryptocurrency

If you find any of the contents published inappropriate, please feel free to inform us. Best automatic trading tool on dex backed by blockchain technology making it safe and transparent. You’d be hard-pressed to find a reputable ecosystem that hasn’t factored burning into their tokenomics to some extent. This action followed previous burns in September 2020 and April 2021, which destroyed $400k and $600k worth of SRM, respectively. Moreover, investors are more likely to contribute to a project’s growth through participation in governance or community activities, creating a more stable investor base and sustainable ecosystem.

Pros of Burning Tokens

Basically, this is done by transferring a portion of coins to an ‘eater address’. This is often referred to as ‘black hole’ because no one can obtain the private keys to that address. Hence, the coins sent to an eater address are unrecoverable and can never be used again. And in some cases, you also get the special right of mining blocks in weight of the coins that you have burnt. Proof-of-burn is a method for distributed consensus and an alternative to proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. It can also be used to bootstrap one cryptocurrency off of another.

  • The Terra project, for example, burned 88.7 million of its LUNA tokens in November 2021.
  • It will help you understand why do we burn coins in cryptocurrencies.
  • The more people who want to buy, hold, or use Bitcoin, the faster the price will tend to rise because there are only so many coins to go around.
  • Still, it is entirely inaccessible to anyone as with no private key, there is no way for the token to be removed from the wallet.
  • Writer and researcher of blockchain technology and all its use cases.

The LUNA token set a new record high price in the following days. The purpose of the burn was partly to remove value from Terra’s community pool, where founder Do Kwon argued it was not needed. In a sense, the burn transferred value from the pool to individual holders of the token. Cryptocurrency is “burned” when a coin is sent to a wallet address that can only receive coins. Cryptocurrency wallets have private keys that let you access the token you have stored in them; however, burner addresses do not have a private key, which means the tokens are gone forever.

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Further, they should provide the proof-of-burn algorithm to the market to facilitate cross verification. The desire to move away from expensive mining models includes burning transaction fees, or gas fees, which are the payments individuals make to complete a proof of burn transaction on a blockchain. These fees compensate blockchain miners for the commuting power needed to verify transactions. https://www.xcritical.com/ While paying for gas when performing a token burn is implied in the transaction, the price of gas itself is highly volatile and dependent on many factors. Burning crypto tokens is the process of permanently removing them from circulation, essentially destroying them. Burning tokens can be done by anyone with access to the tokens, such as token holders or developers of a blockchain network.

what does it mean to burn cryptocurrency

If you’re interested in token burning, you need to know about smart contracts. Here is your ten minute crash course on this key crypto concept – thanks School of Block. Token burning can be used by absolutely anyone who owns private keys for a given token. In theory, it could be used to simply get rid of unwanted tokens received in drops. The underlying importance is that crypto empowers users (and projects) a truer form of ownership by enabling us to play with supply, and this gives rise to a host of new possibilities. First, let’s nail the basics – what exactly are we talking about?

What are crypto burns?

There are many revolutionary features of cryptocurrency, but perhaps one of the most appealing aspects is the control it restores to its users in the form of token burning. The advent of blockchain technology has allowed users to have absolute ownership over their assets, which is seen in a range of areas. Projects use token burns to try to boost the value of the remaining tokens. Investors tend to be attracted more to cryptocurrencies that they expect to appreciate in value quicker and can keep their value. Therefore, token burning is becoming a popular strategy in making altcoins look more attractive to potential investors. Proof of Burn is a substitute consensus algorithm which addresses the energy consumption problem of Proof of Work.

Shares are also repurchased as a method of control—companies can use this tactic to prevent a hostile takeover—the act of buying shares to gain a majority and thus ownership of the company. Almost all cryptocurrency networks have defined the protocols and mechanisms for coin burn. “Proof-of-burn” has become as integral a part of crypto talk as “proof-of-work” (which gives rise to coins being mined). Probably one of the most popular and widely known coin burns in the crypto space, Binance has opted for the economic policy method with regards to burning their BNB token. Once a token is sent to a burner address, the coin remains recorded on the blockchain ledger. Still, it is entirely inaccessible to anyone as with no private key, there is no way for the token to be removed from the wallet.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? The Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

In the right hands of those teams and individuals that create cryptos, it can help immensely. Coin burning happens most often when someone wants to control the price inflation of a cryptocurrency. One such example is that of Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, which burns a certain amount of BNB on a quarterly basis.

what does it mean to burn cryptocurrency

Proof-of-work is essential because it allows trust in a great environment. If you own an NFT you have the option to essentially burn it in exchange it for an ASH token. In doing so, you’ll not only get a stake in ASH, you’ll also decrease the supply of that NFT collection This pushes the value of the collection up as a whole (at least in theory). So the project poses some pretty deep questions about the value of art, the value of money and your personal values.

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